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Welcome to our one-of-a kind food journey to experience the relationship Portugal has with the colonies from days past! We have put a lot of thought into what Terrace is meant to showcase given the breadth, depth & caliber of the high ceiling dining room with large luminous windows bringing in warmth & light.

Considering its location at the eastern end of Lisbon, and Park of Nations being associated with the World Expo, we have designed a concept that is uniquely different to any offer in the area, giving guests and residents a gastronomic food experience influenced by the Portuguese discoveries in the Orient.

The stylish interior design, creative art and green plant-adorned high ceiling, create an exclusive setting that is extended to the large outside terrace and esplanade that capture the atmosphere of a green oasis. The journey takes you through an all-day dining experience in a trendy and elegant venue with relaxing vibes for your morning coffee to the sophisticated and vibrant evening mood all in one place.

The Terrace faces the south, set in a lovely garden with landscaping that connects to the public park on the south-side – Cabeço das Rolas Park (Turtle Dove Mound), setting the tone for a cosmopolitan experience.

The culinary offering and drinks take you on a journey through the flavours of Eastern fusion cuisine. Chef Daniel Andrade, our well-travelled Portuguese Executive Chef, has crafted a deliciously decadent menu where one can choose to be trendily healthy or infamously indulgent of all the high quality cuisine never before shown in the area of Park of Nations. Brunches, all day breakfast, the much loved warm, buttery breakfast pastries to the Martinhal Muesli, that is a popular amongst our families, will be the morning pick-me-up choice.

Lunch features some exquisitely crafted salads, baos and grab & go sandwiches, while at dinner the Eastern fusion influences will warm and spice up the evenings in this stylishly elegant dining room.

Bearing in mind current trends, there is a wide range of vegetarian offerings to be enjoyed.

Terrace Restaurant –
al fresco and indoors

The Terrace restaurant promises a contemporary and vibrant culinary voyage to explore a refined blend of Eastern fusion cuisine that stands out on the Lisbon’s restaurant scene.

Highlighting the Park of Nations urban style and architecture that celebrates the Portuguese discoveries and the restaurant’s location, in the Oriental part of Lisbon, the Terrace restaurant brings you fresh ingredients and creative Eastern fusion food.

The large outdoor terrace allows al fresco meals and drinks to enjoy the 300+ days of sunshine and Lisbon’s warm nights.

With our sustainable approach, we source our products locally as much as possible.

The restaurant is child-friendly and features healthy children food options with smaller gourmet portions for younger guests, as well as fresh fruit and vegetable purées. The Kids Club is available during opening hours (opening times vary, booking required, subject to availability)

Terrace Bar

The Terrace Bar promises a contemporary and vibrant culinary voyage to explore. With an elegant and intimate ambience, the bar and lounge are a place to sit back and enjoy a relaxed moment while sipping on creative drinks and cocktails, including low alcohol options. Tapas-style food paired with cocktails using some of the aromas brought back by the Portuguese explorers during the Age of Discovery take center stage at the Bar.

Our cocktail masters have created fabulous and sophisticated cocktails for every palate.

The exquisite wine list focusses on the best that Portugal has to offer – wines from the various Portuguese wine regions, as well as Ports and Moscatels that Portugal is proud of.

The large outdoor terrace allows al fresco drinks to enjoy the 300+ days of sunshine and Lisbon’s warm nights.

The Kids Club is available during opening hours (opening times vary, booking required, subject to availability)

Terrace Café

Terrace Café is the place to grab an amazing roasted coffee, fresh milk drinks, plant-based drinks and perfect “Cappuccinos, to be enjoyed with the foam still on it”. Royal Rawness coffee adds that special aroma of coffee wafting through the Café as you walk in. True to the concept of incorporating Eastern flavours, we have a wide selection of teas including masala chai, golden milk and selected blends by Companhia Portugueza do Chá as well.

Our rich lattes will have a touch of the oriental experience, by including ingredients such as turmeric, Japanese matcha or saffron. The well garnished vitrine displays an outstanding selection of viennoiserie, vegan donuts and ice creams, Martinhal jams, Royal Rawness coffee beans, specialty teas and other artisanal products.

Delicious homemade ice creams provide refreshing and sweet moments.

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