Park of Nations

An amazing place to visit 


Amazing place to visit or live in, the Park of Nations is home to some of Lisbon’s top attractions such as Lisbon Oceanarium, Knowledge Pavillion, Lisbon Casino, cable cars, Lisbon’s main event venue Altice Arena, as well as restaurants and shopping – all at walking distance from Martinhal Residences. The careful urban renewal, done to welcome World Expo in 1998 showcases iconic architecture, unique parks and gardens, street art, marina and sports facilities such as outdoor gym, street basket, pump track and nice walking and biking trails.

Lisbon airport is 10 minutes away and Lisbon old town only 20 minutes. The modern “Oriente Station” connects the city to the North and South of Portugal!


Lisbon’s Oceanarium is one of the world’s largest aquariums. Designed by American architect Peter Chermeyeff, it rises from the river and is reached by a footbridge.


The largest interactive science centre in Lisbon. Originally the building was part of the 1998 Lisbon World Fair as one of its most iconic pavilions – the Pavilion of the Knowledge of the Seas. During the event visitors from all over the world were invited on a journey across the seas from a historical, technical, and human perspective.


The Park of Nations boasts a series of different green areas. Its planning and construction was designed to create the largest, most complete and beautiful green area in Lisbon. Just next to the Martinhal Residences, Cabeço das Rolas is a quiet space to relax and enjoy nature. There are plenty of gardens and parks that should not be missed – from the Tejo Park and the water garden with memorable sculptures by Cutileiro, to the Wave Garden with creative grass designs that look like waves, to the Jardins Garcia d’Orta and to the riverside walk, the different greens and ambiances that define these enchanting gardens and parks with beautiful fountains and plants.

  • Cabeço das Rolas Garden, 1 mins
  • Wave Garden, 7 mins
  • Water Garden, 3 mins


For active guests, the Park of Nations offers amazing outdoor sports facilities! In addition to the beautiful riverside trails to walk, jog or cycle, the beautiful gardens have parks perfect for yoga and other exercises. There is an outdoor gym, a fun street basket court, tennis and Padel tennis courts and a modern pump track. The marina, just down the road, is the place for water sports such as kaying and boat trips.


Enjoy the stunning Park of Nations views from a different perspective. The Cable Car invites you to embark on a journey between the river and the sky, where you can admire the best panoramic views.


The Park of Nations is home to some of Lisbon’s main event venues. Altice Arena is Lisbon’s largest concert venue and is known for hosting the world’s biggest tech event, the WebSummit, as well as the biggest pop culture event in Portugal, Comic Con Portugal, among many other shows and concerts. Camões Theater is home of the Portuguese Ballet company and offers dance classes and shows, and the Lisbon Casino provides daily entertainment.
Feira Internacional de Lisboa, located a bit further away on the north side of the Park of Nations, welcomes the best trade and business shows.

  • Altice Arena, 11 mins
  • Camões Theater, 6 mins
  • Casino Lisbon, 6 mins
  • FIL, 19 minutes


Renowned architects from all over the world came together to design various buildings at the Park of Nations and there are several landmark buildings that include names like Santiago Calatrava, Siza Vieira, Peter Chermayeff among others, which occupy this modern strip at the River Tagus.

Park of Nations is also Lisbon’s key Urban Art district with artists such as Fernanda Fragateiro, Hundertwasser and Bordalo II who have contributed to the culture of the area in the form of great pieces of Urban Art. Various new international artists continue to be invited by the local council to add to the existing pieces of art to make Park of Nations the world’s best outdoor museum for outdoor urban art.


When the visionary urban planners planned this area, they started working with a futuristic heating and cooling systems by Climaespaço, which distribute hot and cold water through a four-pipe distribution system for the whole district – which every building in the Park of Nations taps into. Climaespaço has been in several global conferences such as “Sustainable Energy for All” as a showcase example for other cities to replicate. In addition, there is a central gigantic pneumatic vacuum suction system to help handle all rubbish collection underground from all apartments, offices, and retail buildings alike. This is another system which is starting to be recognized for its contribution to sustainable living.


The Park of Nations district has the best range of restaurants in Lisbon within a stretch of 10km and all in one place! Restaurants such as Entrecôte, Cantinho de Avillez, 50 seconds, The Old House and much more offer a great variety for the local resident – all within easy reach and with ample parking close by. Great chefs such as Chakall, Martin Berasategui and José Avillez have opened their restaurants here making this district one of the most foodie districts in Lisbon.


In a prime location in Lisbon’s Parque das Nações, and featuring 160 shops, a six-screen cinema and a health club, the Vasco da Gama Shopping Centre is a benchmark for anyone who values good shopping and leisure facilities.