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Body & Mind Flow

Body & Mind Flow

Yoga is the oldest spiritual tradition in the world, dates around 5.000 years ago in India and works the entire being – body, mind and spirit – as no other system. The word “Yoga” means to join, to unite, and it’s through a structured method integrating asanas, breathing, relaxation, concentration and meditation that Yoga contributes for body and mind to function as one unit and to realize the inner nature.


Pilates, a full-body workout that works the connection between the body and the mind, is based on the usage of some essential principles like control, concentration, stability, respiration, precision, fluidity, and consistency for each movement you make.

Low Pressure Fitness

Arises from the influence of several areas, such as Yoga, postural reeducation, neurodynamics, myofascial release, respiratory techniques and hypopressive technique. Suitable for injury prevention, optimization of physical performance, postpartum rehabilitation, improvement of Sexual function, increased sense of well-being and reduced waist circumference; This training system presents itself as an advantage for all who practise it, from sedentary individuals to elite athletes, men and women!

More classes available:

  • Body Flow
  • Active Stretching

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