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Architecture, Art and Design

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Architecture, Art and Design

At Martinhal Lisbon Oriente & Martinhal Residences, guests and residents experience a harmonious fusion of luxury, comprehensive design and artistic brilliance. Designed with unwavering attention to detail, the building marries top-tier quality brands with a modern and innovative style, elevating the experience to unparalleled heights.

Martinhal Lisbon Oriente and Martinhal Residences sit in Lisbon’s new distinct and elegant landmark building that is a testament to the passion for design, craftsmanship, and creating exceptional experiences of unrivalled luxury and refinement.

Martinhal Lisbon Oriente Facade


Eduardo Capinha Lopes, the brilliant architect behind the landmark building, has crafted mesmerizing spaces that captivates the senses.

The building seamlessly integrates nature and architecture, featuring a beautiful green façade adorned with Portuguese Olive Trees, and allowing guests to benefit from beautiful, lush greenery from their luxury apartments. A stunning vertical garden was created to connect the vast outdoor garden areas to the public park on the South side of the building.
Martinhal Lisbon Oriente Facade
Architect João Cerejeiro was enlisted as the landscape architect to transform this idea into reality. The use of greenery throughout the property provides a seamless transition from nature outside to the interior spaces, along with floor-to-ceiling windows that bathe the hotel in natural light and provide each room with unparalleled views of the majestic River Tagus and Parque das Nações.
Martinhal Oriente Terrace Restaurant
Restaurant Terrace is a sophisticated “chameleon” – a generous space with different food and drink moments throughout the day – breakfast, lunch, and dinner, as well as mid-day meals. Terrace’s ceilings are also adorned with plants, and the modern and vibrant ambience of the restaurant extends to the spacious and elegant outside terrace.
Martinhal Oriente and Martinhal Residences


Attention was devoted to lighting details, evident in many places throughout the hotel. The meticulous landscaping surrounding the building, including the captivating vertical garden, required a unique and striking illumination. The Sterns collaborated with a specialized German lighting designer to build a versatile lighting system that allows for creating distinct moods and characters, both for the building’s exterior and the enchanting gardens, accentuating the beauty of the various trees and plants.

In the interior pool, a mesmerizing LED light beam gracefully traverses the main wall captivatingly embedded within the structure. As it reflects upon the water’s surface, it continues its captivating journey across the pool to the other side before tracing its path once again along the floor, creating an artwork of light. For Terrace restaurant, Lighting was crucial to set the different moods and curate the perfect ambiances, and all the beautiful lamps used are from the brands Olev and Vibia. Meanwhile, all lighting used on the hotel rooms are from the exceptional SLV brand.
Martinhal Oriente Pool

Interior Design

At Martinhal Lisbon Oriente & Martinhal Residences, the boundaries between spaces dissolve, with an open concept in the hotel facilities, such as co-working spaces and an open space, versatile restaurant, and open space living areas in the apartments.
Martinhal Lisbon Residences Apartment
Martinhal Lisbon Residences Apartment
Martinhal Lisbon Residences Apartment
Martinhal Lisbon Oriente Kitchen
Martinhal Lisbon Oriente Bathroom
Martinhal Lisbon Oriente Lobby

The lobby and reception area were designed to evoke a cozy, homelike feeling. Resembling a living room, the space features different seating areas and carefully chosen art pieces, such as the Lionesses by Bordallo II. A fireplace adds warmth during the winter months, carpets with modern designs and beautiful light fixtures specially chosen by the architect give a contemporary feel to the space.

In the apartments, open concept living areas seamlessly merge with dining and kitchen spaces, fostering an environment where families and friends can connect and come together. The use of large sliding doors and clear balcony barriers maximise the views of the beautiful surrounding area and Tagus River, while the clever use of pocket doors and open layouts ensures ample storage and wardrobe space, marrying efficiency and style. Exclusively high-quality brands adorn the rooms, including Ferreira de Sá rugs and exquisite Fabri and Smeg kitchens.

Martinhal Residences Apartment
Martinhal Residences Apartment
Martinhal Residences Apartment
Martinhal Residences Apartment
Martinhal Oriente Apartment
Martinhal Oriente Apartment
The owners, the Sterns, worked closely with the architect Capinha Lopes and his chosen interior design team, Romano, to create sophisticated furniture pieces which are contemporary and beat the passage of time, which continue to inspire and are glamourous. Great craftsmanship, resources and attention to detail came together to bring the detailed designs to life, creating the beautiful, high-quality bespoke furniture pieces that adorn the apartments, prioritizing sophistication, comfort, and wellbeing. All furniture was custom-built by Época Gold, an exceptional furniture brand from the north of Portugal.
Colour plays a vital role in interior design projects and was central to give the rooms personality while ensuring they feel relaxing. The designers skilfully incorporated a palette of rich blues, yellows, and aquas through accessories and fabrics, infusing a cozy ambiance into the glamorous setting. By opting for neutral tones in larger elements like carpets, sofas, and curtains, they achieved a balanced backdrop that evokes tranquillity. The strategic use of natural materials, along with subtle black and gilded accents, added a touch of sophistication to the furniture, striking the perfect balance between comfort and allure.
Martinhal Oriente Studio Apartment
Martinhal Oriente - Martinhal Residences - Bedroom
Martinhal Oriente - Martinhal Residences
Martinhal Oriente - Martinhal Residences
Martinhal Lisbon Oriente Terrace Bordalo II
In restaurant Terrace, the open space incorporates different sections to fit with the motto “everything, everywhere, at the same time”, namely a bar, a showcase with delicious grab & go food, a versatile dining room and an outdoor terrace. The bar features a mesmerizing mirror wall as its centrepiece, adorned with an impressive collection of drinks resulting in an alluring kaleidoscope of colours. The main dining area features one of Bordalo II’s most sought after artworks, the (huge) “Lighted Koala”, that really defines the space – modern and flickering, giving a sensation that the Koala is alive and is moving every now and then.
All outdoor furniture, in the restaurant’s outdoor terrace, in the exterior pool and balconies, is from the stylish Vincent Shephard brand, tying the external elements together and resulting in the perfect outdoor space for guests to enjoy Lisbon’s warm days and nights.
Martinhal Lisbon Oriente Terrace
Martinhal Lisbon Oriente Terrace

Art & Design

Embracing Martinhal’s profound connection to the arts, esteemed Portuguese artists have been handpicked to create exclusive pieces for this remarkable project, creating a space that transcends traditional hospitality, while nurturing the local artistic community.


Martinhal Lisbon Oriente & Martinhal Residences stand as a visually stunning testament to the art of sustainable luxury architecture. Its design narrative revolves around the interplay between opulence and ecological consciousness, highlighting a commitment to responsible urban development.
Within this architectural marvel lies a profound respect for nature, evident in its lush green façade with Portuguese olive trees gracing each balcony. Inside, biophilic design thrives, increasing guests’ connectivity to nature through direct and indirect natural elements and Portuguese plants, fostering an atmosphere of tranquillity and wellness. Deepening its commitment to water conservation, a meticulously designed central drip irrigation system waters the plants, sparing precious water resources.
Exterior furniture Martinhal Oriente
The large, luminous spaces within the hotel owe their brilliance not only to the use of powerful low energy LED lighting, but also to the generous expanse of windows inviting the sun’s radiance to embrace every corner. This design choice not only minimizes dependence on artificial lighting but also paints the interiors in the changing colours of the seasons with beautiful garden views. Moreover, the integration of solar panels contributes to the use of renewable energy to power the building, an infinite energy source that creates no harmful greenhouse gas emissions. Martinhal Lisbon Oriente boasts a sophisticated central control system underpinned by the cutting-edge Internet of Things (IoT) technology, where a KNX system orchestrates lighting, energy, and water seamlessly, empowering users for resource optimization.


In line with our values, Martinhal Lisbon Oriente & Martinhal Residences finds its place within Parque das Nações, a beacon of sustainable living. This modern neighbourhood encapsulates the future of urban planning with its energy efficient Climaespaço heating and cooling system, and efficient waste collection through a pneumatic vacuum suction system exemplifying a commitment to a cleaner world.