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Os Gambozinos

Located in the heart of the resort, “Os Gambozinos” restaurant is the perfect venue for the whole family.


Welcome to “Os Gambozinos”, a culinary gem located in the heart of our resort’s vibrant village square. Open from April to October for dinner, our restaurant invites you to indulge in a Mediterranean-inspired menu that pays homage to the diverse flavors of different countries. Step into our open kitchen and witness our talented chefs in action as they prepare mouthwatering dishes that represent the essence of each region.

Our homemade pizzas, crafted with wholemeal flour and low yeast content, are a true highlight, while our risottos and freshly made pasta dishes are loved by the whole family. We also cater for our youngest guests with homemade baby purees and a dedicated kids’ menu.

As you savor your meal, your children can enjoy themselves on the outdoor playground, ensuring a memorable dining experience for the entire family. Embark on a culinary journey that will transport through the Mediterranean tastes at “Os Gambozinos”!

Os Gambozinos Restaurant Pizza at Martinhal Sagres
Os Gambozinos Restaurant at Martinhal Sagres

Efficient and friendly service

Smartly located with views to the children playground at the Village Square, the atmosphere here is informal, light-hearted and family friendly. Parents can relax and enjoy their meal, while children have fun at the play area in the Village Square. Little wood houses, swings, trampolines, slides and a lot of space keep the kids entertained enabling parents a peaceful meal.

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