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The Josper Grill

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The Josper Grill

Josper Grill is the exciting pop-up kiosk located in the bustling village square of Martinhal Sagres. Get ready for a culinary adventure as we introduce you to the finest quality meats, meticulously sourced for your dining pleasure. At Josper Grill, tender meats are cooked to perfection on our special charcoal grill, known as the ‘Josper’.

The Josper Grill at Martinhal Sagres
The Josper Gril - grilled meat

unique cooking method

This unique cooking method infuses the meat with an unparalleled texture and taste, ensuring a memorable dining experience. Whether you’re craving a classic grilled chicken or a mouthwatering hamburger, you’ve come to the right place. During high season, Josper Grill is open for dinner, and you can enjoy your meal at M Bar lively esplanade or for take away.

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