Rafi & Rosita Trampoline


Martinhal Beach Resort & Hotel offers a host of activities for children of all ages to take part in.

Toddlers at Raposinhos can try their hand at face painting or join an outdoor treasure hunt.

 Simple arts and crafts using everyday materials works wonders for the imagination, and youngsters can spend hours making all sorts of colourful items to show proud parents.

Activities like T-Shirt printing and cookery classes will spark the interest of older children. And the picnics held in the grounds will be a big surprise.

Furthermore there is the Blue Room a self-contained games room where teenagers can absorb themselves in the latest video games or team up and indulge in more traditional pastimes such as table tennis, pool or table football.

Older kids can go to the Explorers and Adventure club to learn to windsurf or go dolphin watching.

Martinhal also features a Sports academy where boys and girls can polish their skills or learn new techniques in activities such as surf, windsurf, swimming, tennis and football.